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What do we do?

KavoSeismic consultants provide full factual services for geophysical projects beginning with the evaluation stage of offers and finishing with completed data interpretation.


As part of our consultations we engage in the following task:

  • tenders and tender documents (specifiactions of essetial terms of the contracts) for geophysical services,
  • substantive evaluation of a contract for performing seismic works,
  • evaluation of offers and assistance with selecting tenders to perform the subsequent stages of seismic works,
  • design of seismic 2D/3D/3C projects,
  • assistance with selecting seismic equipment for field work,
  • Seismic Work Projects – performance and project evaluation,
  • Technical Projects for Works – performance and project evaluation,
  • experimental work programmes – preparation and evaluation,
  • modeling of seismic projects parameters – performance and evaluation,
  • VSP modeling and designing – performance and evaluation,
  • non-seismic geophysical methods – consulting, design and evaluation,

Geophysical supervision (investor supervision)

As part of our geophysical supervision we engage in the following tasks:

We also provide comprehensive supervision over the entire seismic works from the moment of evaluation of offers by acquisition, data processing and interpretation. We carry out the subsequent stages of work in cooperation with Specialists from the various areas of geophysics.

Each project requires an individual approach, and in order to prepare a detailed offer please contact us.

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