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Welcome to our website!

We are a small consulting firm, operating since 2010. We operate mainly in the exploration of oil & gas and geological research related to evaluating structures for gas and CO2 storages. We also participate in scientific work and other projects connected with geophysics and geology.

We have vast experience gained through working with various companies and our own work for Clients of KavoSeismic. We have worked in many areas in the world, mainly in India, Kazakhstan, Iran, Germany, Denmark, and Poland. Here at KavoSeismic we work for both Polish companies and companies from abroad mainly within the Polish territory, not excluding operations outside its borders.

We specialize mainly in seismic exploration and we systematically widen the scope of our services. Currently we are concentrating on comprehensive performance of our seismic/geophysical projects. Close cooperation with specialists from various fields in geophysics and geology makes it possible for us to comprehensively carry out and succeed in our projects. Due to this we can quickly assemble teams of specialists that allow us to take on many projects in geophysics and geology.

Our experience and participation in over 100 domestic and foreign projects guarantees professional performance of our available services.

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